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Val and I are constantly working.  These days it seems we're not happy unless we're practically exhausted.  We shoot several several different types of photography but they all seem to have a common theme, athletes and action.  We LOVE working with athletes and performance types where there is action in the making.  Whether it's a Cheerleader, Football Player, Dancer or a finely tuned hunting dog, they all excite us.  Capturing those moments of "Peak Action" are what keep us going.  We also have developed a deep love for working with athletic & performance portraiture. Getting to spend some one-on-one time with them to try and blend in the athlete with the casual side is something that is not often easy, but when we're able to pull it off, it's very satisfying to us.  Take a look at these other sites, you may see someone you know.

The University Of North Alabama Athletics Photos

Val and I have been fortunate enough to be asked to shoot sports for the University and we love it.  We photograph many of the athletic events and maintain this site along with our friend and fellow photographer Mason Matthews.



As of this year, we are also photographing sports for Florence High School Athletics.  It's a new venture for us and we're trying it out for this first year.  Photos for these events may be found at:


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